Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Is your business looking to grow its sales team? Enrolling a member of your staff on a Sales Executive Apprenticeship could provide the ideal solution. This programme is great if you aim to:

– Grow your team through hiring ambitious new sales talent
– Upskill your existing sales teams
– Transition employees into a sales role from other areas

On the programme, your salespeople will be taught to:

– Plan their sales activities
– Lead the end-to-end sales interaction with customers
– Manage their sales internally within the organisation

All learners will become members of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and will have access to a wealth of knowledge to include free masterclasses delivered by experts in the field.

Recruitment for new apprentices is free of charge. Furthermore, if you hire by September 2021, we can help you access incentives of up to £4,000 per apprentice.

Speak to iSales Academy about Apprenticeships! We also offer Technical Sales and Digital Marketing apprenticeships.

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