Bespoke Training Bundles

iSales Academy are now offering bespoke training solutions for your company’s Kickstarters! This is in addition to the core training that all Kickstarters receive. Our bespoke bundles are specifically tailored to the requirements of your individual company, so they can support your Kickstarter and help them progress in a specific field.

By supporting your Kickstarter in this way, both you and them will benefit! Your organisation will have a more skilled, capable person working for them… and you will also be helping to train a new up-and-comer!

For this bespoke training, iSales Academy Ltd offer a range of training options for your Kickstarter:

Option 1 – Sales (DEVO)
Option 2 – Customer Services
Option 3 – Office & Project Management
Option 4 – Supervising Skills
Option 5 – Digital Marketing
Option 6 – Fully bespoke

This bespoke training costs £500 per Kickstarter, with discounts for group training. Message me directly to discuss improving your Kickstarter’s skills.

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