We deliver in-house apprenticeship programmes for 6 or more learners. We always take the time to align learning objectives to ensure the solution will address identified skills gaps with a view to improving individual, team or business performance and to deliver a clear ROI.

iSales can help you to complete a skills needs analysis and will advise you on reviewing budget and funding options (to include co-investment and levy spend) before determining the most appropriate training solution.

Talk to us, in some situations apprenticeship programmes will not deliver a holistic skills solution. Targeted, structured training and coaching can be utilised to specifically address skills gaps or ‘top-up’ skillsets for example where apprenticeships cannot be used because of eligibility, availability or preference.

For example we have a track record in designing and delivering training in:

Customer Services
Human Resources
Management & Leadership
Sales Training

“Lisa has put together a bespoke leadership and management coaching course for my senior management team. The team and I have been so impressed and I would recommend her professionalism to all.”  Ralph Sherrif, Managing Director at Netronix Integration

For more information about bespoke training: info@isalesacademy.co.uk