Congratulations to Simon Elson!

A massive congratulations to Simon Elson from Ryall Marketing on achieving a Distinction on his Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship!

We are so proud of what Simon has achieved. He joined us straight out of school and has always approached every task with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude. To anyone who has met him, it will come as no surprise that he has achieved a distinction.

In 18 months, Simon has become integral to his employer (as well as being a very big personality in the classroom!!), and we know he has a very bright future ahead.

We want to thank the team at Ryall Marketing for supporting Simon throughout his apprenticeship, and providing him with opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

We know that Simon will be an outstanding mentor for those that are lucky enough to follow in his footsteps.

On behalf of the iSales Academy team: congratulations, Simon!

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

Many young people are now looking for the opportunity to get a Digital Marketing apprenticeship.

Fortunately, iSales Academy can help! Our new digital marketing apprenticeship course helps your staff to get trained in:

– Improving your online presence
– Running social media campaigns
– Creating engaging web content
– Reaching your target audience online

This is a brilliant option if your business wants to take on a new young member of staff.

Since the Government introduced a £4,000 grant for businesses that take on an apprentice, we have been helping companies to find great talent, and access this grant.

Speak to iSales Academy about Sales and Digital Marketing Apprenticeships, as well as bespoke training solutions.

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Bespoke Training Bundles

iSales Academy are now offering bespoke training solutions for your company’s Kickstarters! This is in addition to the core training that all Kickstarters receive. Our bespoke bundles are specifically tailored to the requirements of your individual company, so they can support your Kickstarter and help them progress in a specific field.

By supporting your Kickstarter in this way, both you and them will benefit! Your organisation will have a more skilled, capable person working for them… and you will also be helping to train a new up-and-comer!

For this bespoke training, iSales Academy Ltd offer a range of training options for your Kickstarter:

Option 1 – Sales (DEVO)
Option 2 – Customer Services
Option 3 – Office & Project Management
Option 4 – Supervising Skills
Option 5 – Digital Marketing
Option 6 – Fully bespoke

This bespoke training costs £500 per Kickstarter, with discounts for group training. Message me directly to discuss improving your Kickstarter’s skills.

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£4,000 for apprentices aged 16-18 £3,000 for apprentices aged 19+

The government has provided outstanding support to businesses looking to hire in the next few months.

There has never been a better time to bring an apprentice into your business!

Apprentices grow with your company. They bring a dynamism and enthusiasm that is increasingly hard to find.

By hiring an apprentice you also give back to the community: helping a local school leaver who is struggling to find work.

Talent is often hidden away where you least expect it. The unknown rookie can quickly become the star of the show

If you want to access the finance mentioned at the start of this post, then hire an apprentice.

Also, speak to us if you are part of the Kickstart scheme, we can help you keep your Kickstarter by taking them on as an apprentice!

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The benefits of working with young people!

The Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce is hosting a virtual event on the dynamic Remo platform – open to all employers – alongside the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

At this live event you will learn more about the benefits of hiring young people as well as get some advice on options available to your organisation regarding Kick Start and Apprenticeships.

The iSales Academy team will be available at the session for questions, but we will also be talking on the main stage sharing our experience and advice regarding:

– How to hire a young person
– How to develop and support a young person
– How to keep your kick starter and access incentives

Register for the event here:

Talk to iSales about Kick Start or Apprenticeships!

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iSales Academy Welcome Chloe Hicks to the Team

We are pleased to announce that Chloe Hicks has joined iSales Academy as Marketing Manager. Chloe brings a wealth of experience in digital marketing after previously working at Ryall Marketing for more than 6 years.

We are super excited to have Chloe join the team and know that she will have a huge impact on our business plan, as well as helping us to support sales and marketing apprenticeships in the future, once she is qualified to teach.

Chloe was previously an apprentice at iSales Academy and graduated in 2020. She was chosen to represent sales apprenticeships for the south of England, Class of 2020, and is now completing the circle by coming back to join the iSales team!

Welcome to the team Chloe!

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Congratulations, Rory Fookes!

A huge congratulations to Rory Fookes from SWR Group on achieving your Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship!


Rory has been an absolute delight to work with. He has performed consistently well throughout his apprenticeship, both in the classroom and in the workplace for SWR Group.


Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has had on many of our Apprentices, Rory has proven to be both resilient and hardworking, and this has no doubt led to his success.


It is also brilliant to hear that SWR, a leading provider of wire rope solutions, are continuing to expand their apprenticeship programmes, and I know that Rory will be a great mentor for those that are lucky enough to follow in his footsteps. SWR are just the type of employer that iSales want to work with, because they provide excellent support and development opportunities for all their people.


On behalf of the iSales Academy team we wish you every success in your future sales career. We will be watching with a keen interest!


Talk to iSales about Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships.

Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Is your business looking to grow its sales team? Enrolling a member of your staff on a Sales Executive Apprenticeship could provide the ideal solution. This programme is great if you aim to:

– Grow your team through hiring ambitious new sales talent
– Upskill your existing sales teams
– Transition employees into a sales role from other areas

On the programme, your salespeople will be taught to:

– Plan their sales activities
– Lead the end-to-end sales interaction with customers
– Manage their sales internally within the organisation

All learners will become members of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and will have access to a wealth of knowledge to include free masterclasses delivered by experts in the field.

Recruitment for new apprentices is free of charge. Furthermore, if you hire by September 2021, we can help you access incentives of up to £4,000 per apprentice.

Speak to iSales Academy about Apprenticeships! We also offer Technical Sales and Digital Marketing apprenticeships.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Happy #MentalHealthAwareness week!

The importance of mental health cannot be overstated. Apprentices sometimes face difficulty transitioning into the workplace, and they need our support.

But so, too, do full-time employees (some of whom have been working for decades) need an outlet to open up about mental health, if required.

I am absolutely delighted that both Kate Carter and I from iSales Academy are involved in this project as local volunteers. This project is a partnership between the Watford MP Dean Russell, the Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce, Wellspring Church and local mental health champion Cllr Rabi Martins (part of One Vision Well Being Initiative), we are collectively on a mission to train 1000 people in Mental Health First Aid Awareness.

Whatever business and industry you work in: please look after your mental health, and the mental health of others. How we interact with one another can have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing – and ultimately, the success of a company!

Sales Training for Kickstarters

iSales Academy are offering a training solution designed to help organisations that have hired kick-starters into sales related roles. This training aims to develop their skills and increase their impact – for example, where your Kickstarter is required to generate new business opportunities by researching and then contacting prospective customers, qualifying opportunities and bringing the sales process to a close.

The units you can train your Kickstarter in are:

– Research, data and prospecting skills
– Inbound calls and customer experience
– Communication skills to include building rapport and relationships
– Outbound sales calls to include planning and objection handling
– Qualifying and assess sales leads
– Sales lifecycle and sales process
– Marketing fundamentals and social selling

Each unit involves a 2 hour session, delivered virtually. The Kick-starter will then have communicatory access to their trainer over the following 6 month period.

Training can be tailored for 6 or more learners per organisation.

iSales offer kick-start training bundles and bespoke solutions for a range of roles, to include for example customer experience and supervising others.