Together, we are on a mission to train 1000 people in #MentalHealthFirstAid.

I am delighted to announce that both Kate Carter and I are now certified Mental Health First Aid instructors! We can now deliver certificated #training up to Level 3 for iSales Academy.

We completed this training in support of the ‘Making Watford a Wellbeing Town’ initiative. This is in partnership with:

Dean Russell MP
Watford Chamber of Commerce
Wellspring Church Centre
Rabi Martins (local #mentalhealth champion and part of the ‘One Vision Well Being’ Initiative)

Together, we are on a mission to train 1000 people in #MentalHealthFirstAid.

You can learn more about this amazing #community initiative at this link:

The iSales Academy team will utilise these new skills and incorporate #MentalHealthAwareness into our #apprenticeship programmes. It is our job to ensure that all colleagues and learners feel able to talk about how they are feeling, and to seek support when it is needed.

Contact us if you want to talk about #MentalHealthTraining and #Apprenticeships for all.

Extended incentive payments for hiring a new Apprentice up to £3,000 per new hire

The government have confirmed that they are extending incentive payments for employers that hire a new Apprentice through to 31 March 2021.

16-18 year olds £3,000 per apprentice/employee

19-24 year olds £2,000 per apprentice/employee

25  +  year olds £1,500 per apprentice/employee

Whether you want to hire new apprentices or upskill existing staff, speak to iSales to discuss how you can make the best use of your levy spend or to learn how to access available funding.

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iSales to support local Chamber following announcement of £2bn Kickstart Scheme

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a £2bn ‘kickstart scheme’ to help young people get jobs! Your business can join in and help a young person gain some invaluable work experience by offering them a work placement at your company.

This could be perfect for businesses that need an extra pair of hands during these tough times. If you want to test out a young worker because you’re not yet ready to hire an apprentice, then this is also a perfect opportunity.

The Kickstart scheme is a £2bn fund launched by the government to pay for six-month work placements for 16 to 24-year-olds. It is aimed at those who are on Universal Credit, potentially school leavers or those who have had job offers withdrawn. These individuals must be deemed to be at risk of long-term unemployment.

Funding available for each job will cover 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week. It will also cover the associated employer National Insurance contributions and employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions.

For the latest news about this scheme, click here.

iSales are working in partnership with the Watford Chamber of Commerce who are looking to help their members access the kick-start scheme. The iSales team have offered the Chamber their full support in helping them with the process of finding talent for their members, that wish to take advantage of this scheme.
Contact us for more information.

Cash Bonuses for Employers

Employers could claim cash incentives if they take on new apprentices between August 2020 and January 2021 or if they place new employees (less than 6 months) on apprenticeship courses, to develop new skills to maximise their contribution:

16-18 year olds £3,000 per apprentice/employee

19-24 year olds £2,000 per apprentice/employee

25  +  year olds £1,500 per apprentice/employee

View article in FE week following announcement from the chancellor.

Speak to iSales about apprenticeships!

Managing without boundaries

Already successful, we have adapted the 13 month CMI accredited programme to focus on developing relevant behaviours for strong leadership, to be able to motivate others and manage effectively whatever the environment.

This extraordinary programme can be delivered 100% virtually and will equip valued managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills that they need. Personal coaching is included to help your managers maximise productivity and tackle any challenges with confidence.

The level 3 apprenticeship programme includes managing remotely, managing safely and managing change. It can be paid for using available levy funds or, through co-investment and could cost less than £20 per month, per employee.

Learn more about iSales or contact me to discuss how we can help you invest in your managers, to drive your business forward!

Selling Through Covid-19’ Webinar Series

The Association of Professional Sales (APS) the awarding body for the Sales Executive Apprenticeship Standard that iSales offer, are opening up their webinars to aid the sales community at this time.

Visit their website to learn more and or to register for webinars such as:

  • Efficient prospecting whilst working from home or self-isolating
  • Remote learning keeps you ahead of the competition
  • Keep Calm Carry on and keep coaching
  • Closing business over the phone
  • How to make your remote selling presentation memorable
  • To sell is still human, and so is leadership
  • Managing Stakeholders using technology
  • Adapting to a New Sales World
  • Communicating remotely with sales team

Running to achieve the £1000 fundraising target

The deadline for this fundraising project is the end of February 2020.

Nine of our fantastic sales apprentices have been busy raising money since December for the Bobath Centre for Children & Adults with Cerebral Palsy! The target is in sight so I have decided to help them by running 10k to support this excellent charity.

The Bobath Centre do fantastic work to offer treatment and advice which improves the lives of young children with Cerebral Palsy. They also help families to feel confident they are handling and communicating with their baby in the best way to optimise development. This creates an important Cerebral Palsy support network throughout Watford and neighbouring counties.

This is a great opportunity for the apprentices from Ryall Marketing, ANT Telecommunications Ltd, Twin Technology Ltd, Amthal Fire & Security, NBM Technology Solutions Ltd & SWR Group to work together to develop their teamwork and sales techniques, all whilst benefiting a very worthwhile cause!

If you would like to follow the apprentices’ endeavours or donate, follow the link:

Good luck team!