Congratulations to Katrina Farthing!

Another success for one of our Level 4 Sales Executive apprentices, well done to Katrina Farthing who achieved a well-deserved distinction.

Kat has worked at NBM Technology Solutions Ltd for 14 years, growing within the company to her role as Key Account Manager and decided to undertake a Sales apprenticeship as she recognised the importance of continued professional development.

It came as no surprise to us that Kat achieved a distinction grade. She was determined to perform to the highest standard throughout her apprenticeship, not only in the classroom, but in her coursework, EPA and within her job, all whilst carrying her first child!

A huge congratulations, and best of luck in the future from us all at iSales.

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Congratulations to Raman Leihal!

Congratulations to Raman Leihal from ANT Telecommunications Ltd for achieving a distinction in his Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship!

Raman consistently ensured he was going above and beyond what was asked of him, to work towards his very well-deserved distinction grade. We have seen Raman show incredible teamwork and perseverance over the duration of his course, and have no doubt he will make excellent use of his new skills throughout his career.

Also, many thanks to ANT Telecom for supporting Raman throughout his apprenticeship. We have enjoyed working alongside them to help Raman succeed and would welcome any opportunity to work with them in the future. Good luck Raman!

Don’t forget, if you are considering hiring an apprentice, the additional £3000 incentives end next month, so get in touch to discuss the opportunity!

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Consider an Apprenticeship!

Last week, students across the country received their GCSE and A-level results, and are now thinking about the next exciting step in their life.

Those that aren’t heading off to College or University will be considering an apprenticeship – after all, what better way to learn relevant skills and knowledge, while earning a wage?!

Apprenticeships are an incredible opportunity for both the apprentice and their employer.

With the government offering businesses £4,000 per apprentice, and with there being a wave of fresh talent in those school leavers, there is no better time to hire an apprentice!

Contact us to discuss finding the best talent for your teams.

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Congratulations to Harry Islam!

We would like to congratulate Harry Islam from Cheeky Munkey Ltd on passing his IT Technical Sales apprenticeship!

Over the duration of this course Harry has shown determination to learn and develop within his IT Support role, and has consistently shown the ability to apply what he has learnt in the classroom within his day-to-day work.

We at iSales have all thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the growth and improvement Harry has shown during his apprenticeship and wish him every success in his future career.

Congratulations Harry, and thank you to his employers and mentors at Cheeky Munkey for supporting him through his apprenticeship and beyond.

Get in touch to discuss the benefits of hiring apprentices within your business.

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You’ve found a Kickstarter that adds value to your teams, so what’s next?

If you leave it until the end of their 6 months with your organisation, your Kickstarter may have already made plans with their future and what will you do with those gaps in your teams? Consider your options, give your Kickstarter the next step in their career and your business a permanent solution.

Your business has access to a £4,000 incentive per apprentice you employ, why miss out on such a great opportunity? iSales specialise in:
– Digital Marketing
– Sales
– Technical Sales
– IT Technicians and Management

So, get in touch to discuss apprenticeships!

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Do you really want to lose your Kickstarter?

After investing time into finding the right young talent to add to your team and spending six months training them to become an integral part of your team, why would you want to see them go?

The #KickstartScheme has provided hundreds of employers with the opportunity to utilise government funding and inject fresh talent into their teams, but did you know there are more funding options out there to help you keep those people!

You can receive £4,000 for employing an apprentice, and iSales Academy Ltd can help you do that. We specialise in Digital Marketing, Sales, Technical Sales, IT Technicians & Management, so if you want to employ in those areas, get in touch to discuss Apprenticeships.

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Congratulations to Simon Elson!

A massive congratulations to Simon Elson from Ryall Marketing on achieving a Distinction on his Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship!

We are so proud of what Simon has achieved. He joined us straight out of school and has always approached every task with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude. To anyone who has met him, it will come as no surprise that he has achieved a distinction.

In 18 months, Simon has become integral to his employer (as well as being a very big personality in the classroom!!), and we know he has a very bright future ahead.

We want to thank the team at Ryall Marketing for supporting Simon throughout his apprenticeship, and providing him with opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

We know that Simon will be an outstanding mentor for those that are lucky enough to follow in his footsteps.

On behalf of the iSales Academy team: congratulations, Simon!

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

Many young people are now looking for the opportunity to get a Digital Marketing apprenticeship.

Fortunately, iSales Academy can help! Our new digital marketing apprenticeship course helps your staff to get trained in:

– Improving your online presence
– Running social media campaigns
– Creating engaging web content
– Reaching your target audience online

This is a brilliant option if your business wants to take on a new young member of staff.

Since the Government introduced a £4,000 grant for businesses that take on an apprentice, we have been helping companies to find great talent, and access this grant.

Speak to iSales Academy about Sales and Digital Marketing Apprenticeships, as well as bespoke training solutions.

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Bespoke Training Bundles

iSales Academy are now offering bespoke training solutions for your company’s Kickstarters! This is in addition to the core training that all Kickstarters receive. Our bespoke bundles are specifically tailored to the requirements of your individual company, so they can support your Kickstarter and help them progress in a specific field.

By supporting your Kickstarter in this way, both you and them will benefit! Your organisation will have a more skilled, capable person working for them… and you will also be helping to train a new up-and-comer!

For this bespoke training, iSales Academy Ltd offer a range of training options for your Kickstarter:

Option 1 – Sales (DEVO)
Option 2 – Customer Services
Option 3 – Office & Project Management
Option 4 – Supervising Skills
Option 5 – Digital Marketing
Option 6 – Fully bespoke

This bespoke training costs £500 per Kickstarter, with discounts for group training. Message me directly to discuss improving your Kickstarter’s skills.

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£4,000 for apprentices aged 16-18 £3,000 for apprentices aged 19+

The government has provided outstanding support to businesses looking to hire in the next few months.

There has never been a better time to bring an apprentice into your business!

Apprentices grow with your company. They bring a dynamism and enthusiasm that is increasingly hard to find.

By hiring an apprentice you also give back to the community: helping a local school leaver who is struggling to find work.

Talent is often hidden away where you least expect it. The unknown rookie can quickly become the star of the show

If you want to access the finance mentioned at the start of this post, then hire an apprentice.

Also, speak to us if you are part of the Kickstart scheme, we can help you keep your Kickstarter by taking them on as an apprentice!

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