Why you should tell us if something has gone wrong

iSales Academy is committed to the continuous improvement of its services and to monitoring the standard of its provision. iSales Academy, therefore, welcomes and encourages comments, observations, and feedback about the quality of services from students, parents/carers, employers, visitors, and all other members of the community.

ISales Academy will treat all complaints seriously, fairly, efficiently, and deal with them positively and with respect. We would also like to hear from you if you have any other comments or compliments about a service you have been provided. This information can also be shared through the formal comments system, or through many of the other feedback mechanisms available to apprentices at iSales Academy.

When should you tell us if something has gone wrong

You should try to tell us what is wrong as soon as possible so that iSales Academy can look into the matter and investigate at the time.

In the first instance, if possible, you should talk to your tutor about your concerns. Many problems are resolved informally by talking to members of staff about the issue that you have raised. If they are unable to resolve the issue or you would prefer to talk to someone else, you can the Head of Apprenticeship Training. If you feel at any point your concerns are not being addressed, you can make a formal complaint using the process outlined below.

While iSales Academy will deal with all complaints, it may be more difficult to reach a suitable outcome if complaints are not received in a timely manner.

What to do if you want to tell us about something that has gone wrong

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you should complete the Complaints Form and return it to iSales Academy’s Quality team. Alternatively, you can complain by other methods of communication on an agreed basis e.g. telephone, in person or via email.

If you need help to make a complaint, members of staff working in iSales Academy’s team will be pleased to help you. You can speak to them by telephone, email or in person.

On receipt of a complaint, the iSales team will:
• Acknowledge your complaint by the most appropriate method of communication (e.g. email; telephone; in person)
• Refer the complaint to the most appropriate senior manager in order to resolve the complaint promptly and efficiently
• The senior manager will provide a response confirming the actions taken in writing, or by other agreed methods of communications (e.g. email; telephone; in person) within 10 working days
• Where complex matters require detailed investigation which may extend beyond 10 days, you will be kept updated on the progress and status of your complaint

What to do if you are not happy with the actions taken following your complaint

If you are not satisfied with the actions taken following your complaint, you have the right to appeal to the Managing Director. You must appeal within 15 days of receiving notification of the actions taken in response to your complaint, clearly specifying your reasons for appeal. Appeals should be made in writing, or via other methods of agreed communications (e.g. email, telephone, or in person) Upon receipt of an Appeal the Managing Director will respond within 10 working days in writing, or via other methods of agreed communications (e.g. email; telephone; in person). The decision of the Managing Director is final.

If you have fully exhausted iSales Academy’s complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you can appeal to the other external organisations e.g. awarding body, ESFA, Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

If you require support to contact external agencies, members of staff working in iSales Academy’s team will be pleased to help you.

What records will iSales Academy keep

All records of complaints are kept confidentially for a minimum of three years.

The Managing Director will ensure that a summary confirming the nature of complaints is reported to members of iSales Academy’s Corporation.

iSales Academy will treat each complaint separately and will not re-visit complaints which have been closed to the satisfaction of the complainant and iSales Academy.

How will iSales Academy monitor complaints iSales Academy is committed to ensuring improved access to all customers. To that end, iSales Academy monitors complaints in terms of race, gender and disability. In addition, to extend meaningful analysis to other groups of people, iSales Academy actively promotes and encourages a culture of disclosure.

How will iSales Academy make improvements following your complaint iSales Academy will provide training and development or adapt working practices, as appropriate, in order to learn from complaints and to improve the quality of iSales services.

Review of the policy

This policy is reviewed fully at least annually.

Version History

Current Version: V2.0
Date Introduced: September 2019
Next Review: April 2023