Designed to equip staff with essential skills for managing finances both in the workplace and at home. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, you will learn how to create and maintain budgets, track expenses, and make informed financial decisions.

Course Content:
– Creating a clear effective budgeting plan
– Benefits of effective budgeting
– Setting financial goals
– Short, medium, long term goals
– Effective methods to saving money
– Strategies to ensure you stick to a budget
– Tracking and monitoring budgets
– Money saving tips & resources

Learning Outcomes:
– Can set personal financial goals using SMART, and can recognise the benefits of being disciplined for financial stability and security
– Can create a budget plan using Excel or other digital applications to manage personal expenses and build up savings
– Can identify ways of saving money by analysing spending patterns and by the use of different resources and tools

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““Other than the quality of the teaching and sessions, the support and attention provided was outstanding.””
Rory Fookes, Sales Team Leader at
SWR Group

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