Our commitment to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is to enhance our learners experiences by promoting successful outcomes, and supporting them in achieving their long-term career objectives.

The iSales team do this by providing comprehensive support to learners throughout their entire journey.

Our steps to achieving this are:

1) Initial Assessment: Evaluating learners’ skills, prior knowledge, interests, and career aspirations using various assessment methods to identify their individual needs, and to match them with suitable training programs.
2) Comprehensive Introduction: Providing an induction to familiarise learners with the training structure, and available support services. Setting clear expectation, responsibilities and outcomes for the learner.
3) Ongoing Advice & Support: Offering continuous advice and support from dedicated mentors to help learners to navigate their training, address challenges, and stay on track with their learning goals.
4) Career Guidance: Assisting learners in understanding career pathways, opportunities for advancement, and further training options. Also guidance on job searches, strategies to success, interview skills and CV writing.
5) Resource Provision: Ensuring learners have access to necessary resources, including learning materials, financial support, technologies and wellbeing services (including Mental Health Awareness training).
6) Feedback and Improvement: Regularly seeking feedback from learners to improve the quality of training and support services. Monitoring progress, setting goals and providing constructive feedback.

This comprehensive CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) commitment aims to enhance the learners experience, ensuring all are well-supported, motivated, and equipped to achieve their career goals.

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