Examples of available training modules to include core transferrable skills, sales knowledge and sales competency are detailed below:

Core Business Skills

Confidence & Assertiveness
Effective Communication
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Personal Effectiveness
Teamwork and Collaboration
Personal Development
Responsible & Ethical Working

Sales Knowledge

Selling Mindset
Sales Methodology
Psychology of Selling
New Business Development
Social Selling
Commercial Awareness
Customer Loyalty
Conflict Handling
Marketing Principles

Sales Skills

Rapport Builder
Appointment Maker
Relationship Manager
Customer Roadmap
Transactional Selling
Business Proposals & Stakeholder Presentations
Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
Sales Processing
Managing the Sales Cycle
Win repeat business
Customer recommendation
Customer retention

Please contact us should you have other requirements to include creating a bespoke training programme: info@isalesacademy.co.uk