Designed to help staff members understand the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace through engaging discussions and practical activities. You’ll learn to recognise and address biases, foster a culture of respect, and promote inclusivity.

Course Content:
– Understanding equality, diversity and inclusion
– The diversity model
– Legislation protecting diversity
– Equality to Equity
– Unconscious Bias and Stereotypes
– Organisational approach
– Cultural Competence and Sensitivity
– Learner Commitment and Next Steps

Learning Outcomes:
– Can describe the benefits of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
– Can recognise the differences between Equality and Equity
РCan identify the benefits of valuing people’s differences in the workplace
– Can state the various legislations that protect diversity
– Can give examples of unconscious biases and describe how common stereotypes can impact on team dynamics and customer service
– Can explain how inclusive language can lead to positive change
– Can describe ways that policies or working practices can be used to support EDI within the hospitality industry

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