If you’ve ever thought about hiring an apprentice, now is the perfect time!

At iSales Academy, we have seen a big increase in demand from school and college leavers who are proactively looking for apprenticeship programmes. These candidates are highly motivated, ambitious, and ready to progress a career, especially in Sales or technical support roles.

They are looking for the best businesses, where they can develop and grow their careers. At the same time, many businesses around the UK report that shortages of skilled staff are holding them back. With apprenticeships, you can create a sustainable pipeline of talent, specifically trained to perform in your business. Taking on an apprentice is a great way to grow your skills pool, and there is significant government funding available to support you on this journey.

Taking on an apprentice is easier than you think – at iSales we make it easy for you, and we provide clear advice and guidance at every step. We also provide a free recruitment service for new clients.

Contact me about apprenticeships for your business:

New Unified Communications Apprenticeship Programme

This new training programme is suitable for new hire apprentices as well as existing staff working in a service desk or field environment. It will provide the learner with excellent customer handling skills as well at the required expert technical knowledge, skills and underpinning behaviours.

iSales have extensive industry experience, our management team played a key lead role in the design and delivery of the first Unified Communications apprenticeship programme. We can help you to find new staff with great potential and provide the specific training that your business needs, offering a clear ROI.

If you are thinking about hiring an apprentice or upskilling existing staff, speak to iSales to ensure you are making the most of your levy and or available government funding.

Contact: info@isalesacademy.co.uk

New CIPD report provides a sobering analysis of the state of skills in the UK as the General Election is announced

The report reveals “The nation is lagging well behind its competitors in Europe and most of the OECD on key measures including: literacy and numeracy, learning and development, and digital skills. Key findings show that England and Northern Ireland together rank in the bottom four OECD countries for literacy and numeracy among 16–24-year-olds, and employers train less, and invest less in skills, than most other EU countries”. CIPD Update 19 April 2017.

The government aim to double the investment in apprenticeships between 2017 and 2020 to £2.5bn, committed to 3 million quality apprenticeship starts in England over this parliament. To support this, changes have been made to the apprenticeship funding system to include the introduction of the Apprentice Levy which came into effect on 6 April and requires all employers with a paybill of £3m or more to pay 0.5% of their monthly payroll as a levy via PAYE.

However, on 11th April 2017 People Management reported “Employers are being deterred from apprenticeships by lack of flexibility, urging government to issue new guidance to ensure levy is effective because employers have significant concerns about the structure of apprenticeships delivered under the new apprenticeship levy, including insufficient flexibility in the way learning is structured, according to a new report released less than a week after the legislation came into force”.

Apprenticeships are an effective way for businesses to invest in new skills as well as to upskill existing staff. Improved flexibility without reducing quality of delivery would be welcomed by employers and may increase uptake that will benefit individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Whether or not you are a levy paying organisation, the iSales team recommend a step-by-step, holistic approach to Skills Planning.


Skillmakers for Business Advice Services & Support in Hertfordshire

As a founding associate of Skillmakers, I would encourage all Hertfordshire based employers to take a look at the fantastic support available.

This is a free service that will help employers looking for new talent, relevant skills training or if they are seeking to get more involved in the local community.

Skillmaker events are a great way to expand your network, collaborate on skills and CSR.